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We told you we’re a cool company

About Brovado

Our Mission & Objective

We’re not here to save the world or anything, but we are here to save your feet some trouble and add a notch to your style and comfort.

Our goal is simple, and that’s to provide you with fashionable and great quality socks, yet at a completely affordable price.

We know you don’t want to spend a fortune on socks.
We know you don’t like it when they wear out fast.
And we know you don’t like wearing boring stuff.

Which is why we made the Brovado Sock - to help you save, enjoy an awesome product, and just plain rock.

Who We Are

We’re actually two guys who’ve been into socks and sock business for a time now, and since there was nothing to our own taste on the market, we decided to go and produce it.

So we took some time (a bit over a year) to develop a product we’re happy with, test it, and release it to the crowd. And thus Brovado Socks was born.

More on Our Socks

What We Promise

Our socks were made primarily to provide you with an excellent cost-to-quality ratio, so that’s the first thing we promise. We also guarantee that:

  1. Our socks will last longer than usual ones,
  2. As will their softness, and
  3. They will draw some attention and help you get a compliment or two.

Give them a ride, and let us know what you think:

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We told you we’re a cool company

About Our Stuff

Your Unusually Good Everyday Sock

Our socks took a bit over a year to develop (design, find the cotton and manufacturing we’re happy with, etc.) and produce, but it was well worth the effort and brought us what we were after.

We wanted a sock great in quality - durable, soft and tastefully designed - and still affordable to most of us, and that’s exactly what we’ve got.

We also wanted a product that adds to your style in a simple way, so we designed them in base colors and took special care they are easy to blend with other clothes.
Providing you take a moment to pick the right combo, we’re pretty sure you’re in for a few compliments.

To Recap, Our Socks Feature:

Product 1

Combed, Soft Cotton

No more itchy-scratchy, fast decaying fabric or softness thanks to our finely combed cotton.

Product 2

Hand-Linked Toes

Smooth toe-part transitions = no blisters and irritation. This is one of the best ‘feats’ to our socks.

Product 3

Y-Shaped Gore Heel

Our socks’ heels were made to stick better, rub less against shoes and produce no abrasion.

Product 41

Extended in Length

Pants up, socks down and hairy feet into the light? No good, so our socks are a bit longer than usual.

Product 5

Tastefully Crafted

Who don’t like a few compliments? Our socks are designed in based colors and easy to match.

Product 6

Extended Durability

We don’t like fast-decaying products too, so we used only quality materials which stay soft over time.

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